Scaling-up Every Second Matters Uterine Balloon Tamponade System for Postpartum Hemorrhage in Kenya and Sierra Leone

Massachusetts General Hospital
Organization Location: 
Boston, MA, USA

Post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) is a leading killer of pregnant women worldwide. In resource-poor settings, especially in rural areas, many women lack access to quality, assisted delivery by skilled birth attendants, and therefore are at high risk for suffering injury or death consequent to PPH. Uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) has been shown to be an effective technique to treat uterine hemorrhage in developed countries, but has not been widely examined in resource-poor settings. We propose to roll out and evaluate a next-generation uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) device to arrest maternal hemorrhage in Kenya and Sierra Leone, where maternal mortality statistics are alarmingly high. We will deploy UBT as part of a best-evidence package of training, commodities, and checklists related to the treatment of PPH. We have established strong proof of concept for our package in these countries. The UBT system will also include cutting-edge cell phone technology that will facilitate UBT referral tracking and documentation of patient outcomes. Successful scaling of UBT in these countries will lead to its expansion in other Sub-Saharan African countries as well as in other parts of the world.

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