Roshini - Play to Live

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
Organization Location: 
Seattle, WA, USA

We propose developing and testing an interactive mobile game designed to extend and augment the current neonatal and postnatal information delivered by accredited social health activists and learning groups to pregnant and new mothers in three rural locations in Uttar Pradesh, India. The game will build on an existing short message service quiz game using an engine technology developed by Ayogo Health Inc., a serious games company based in Vancouver, BC, and will incorporate content developed under PATH's work with mothers groups in India. This unique public-private partnership addresses the challenges in previous games for change efforts that have been developed and deployed- chiefly that the people who know good game design do not understand the context and environment in which the game will be played, and the people who understand global health often do not understand what makes a game compelling and rewarding. Together, as two leaders in our categories we will design, deliver, and test the effectiveness of a mobile game as a new learning modality in order to achieve increased demand for maternal health services. By the completion of the project, we expect to have developed a prototype game with one to two modules that can be tested with four mothers groups. We will also determine if there is sufficient consumer demand for the idea and if there is interest from a long-term distribution partner to work with us in widely distributing the game.

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