SimPrints Biometric System for Health Workers

SimPrints Technology Ltd.
Organization Location: 
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

The perinatal period is fraught with risk for both mother and child in developing countries, accounting for over 70% of preventable maternal and infant deaths annually. The WHO recommends at least four antenatal visits with community health workers (CHW) to mitigate these risks. However achieving this continuity of care is difficult due to challenges in patient identification, access to health records, and visit verification. SimPrints has developed a rugged, low-cost, portable biometric scanner and software that integrates with almost any existing mHealth application, allowing for real-time identification and access to patient records via fingerprint identification. CHWs are empowered to make better decisions through immediate and reliable access to patients’ medical history. Combining biometrics with time stamps and GPS location also refines accountability mechanisms and provides verification of CHW visits. This empowers managers to drive continuous process improvements in care delivery, which improves critical health indicators in infant and maternal health. The objective of our intervention is to establish SimPrints as a cost-effective technology to deliver services that increase antenatal continuity of care and CHW accountability. In many developing countries patient medical records are paper-based, difficult to access, and prone to loss/damage. Existing mHealth technologies are similarly limited by vulnerabilities in misidentification such as common community names or unknown dates-of-birth. SimPrints obviates these concerns by identifying patients through their unique fingerprints in a portable, cheap and time-efficient manner. This technology additionally provides managers with new tools for verification and GPS mapping that existing mHealth technologies lack.

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