On site, fast and low cost diagnostic of tuberculosis and HIV for mothers and newborns

Organization Location: 
Jalisco, Mexico

We propose the use of a diagnostic technology for TB and HIV based in the use of a chimeric recombinant antibody obtained from a marine organism and modified by genetic engineering, which when added to a sample of blood from a patient infected by a certain disease will produce a visual reaction in the sample allowing the user to do a simple and fast screening of infected patients. This process does not require any kind of equipment and the user can use the test even without previous training. The use of this technology is aimed to be used at the point of care in communities without access to diagnostic labs where doctors or healthcare personnel will be able to perform these diagnostic tests to mothers and newborns for the control of Tuberculosis and HIV. This tool will improve the chances of both mother and child to be treated on time increasing their chances of recovering. This technology was developed by our company Unima and has been successfully tested for the diagnostic of tuberculosis with 100% sensitivity and specificity. The company will develop the test for HIV as part of this project. Our project innovates in offering a tool for the diagnostic of infectious diseases directly at the point of care without the need of using specialized equipment and training, in only 30 minutes and at 10% of the cost of current diagnostic tests, which represents a significant improvement in the standard practice of in-lab disease diagnostics.

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