Improving Maternal & Child Care via Community-Based Health Insurance and Quality Improvement Mechanisms in Kwara State, Nigeria

PharmAccess Foundation
Organization Location: 
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The overarching focus of PharmAccess is on improving access to affordable and quality maternal and child health care for low-income families in Nigeria. The essence of PharmAccess comprises an integrated approach of complementary initiatives that increase resources, efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare system. Through quality improvement, loans for healthcare providers, and health insurance, the demand for and supply of care is stimulated. The introduction of health insurance makes care accessible and affordable to previously uninsured low-income families and leads to increased utilization of maternal and childcare services. The stepwise quality improvement program emphases maternal and child care, including antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, and enables providers to improve healthcare services. Importantly, the income receive by providers through the insurance premium and the provision of affordable loans enables them to invest in quality and business potential. The innovation that PharmAccess brings to health care in Nigeria lies foremost in its holistic focus on the healthcare system. PharmAccess acknowledges that all elements of the health system need to be addressed in order to realize affordable, quality care for women and their families. It does this through groundbreaking public-private partnerships that involve Kwara State Government, private insurer Hygeia, public and private healthcare providers, and the Dutch Health Insurance Fund. These partnerships allow for leveraging of expertise, mobilization of resources, and risk-sharing.

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