mHealth for Safer Deliveries

D-Tree International, Inc
Organization Location: 
Weston, MA, USA

While there has been a considerable decrease in child mortality in most sub-Saharan African countries over the past two decades, neonatal and maternal mortality have changed little. There is substantial evidence that facility-based deliveries lead to lower mortality rates for both mother and infant. In Tanzania, despite high rates of antenatal care and relatively good access to health facilities, maternal and neonatal mortality remain high at 460/100,000 live births and 28/1000 live births respectively and almost half of all deliveries (48%) are performed at home without a skilled attendant. D-tree International has developed and field-tested an integrated phone-based tool that supports screening and counseling of pregnant women using clinical algorithms, facilitates transportation to a health facility during labor using mobile banking and data storage, and supports the CHW to provide follow-up care to mothers and their infants using clinical algorithms. Preliminary results from this project after 6639 deliveries show an increase in rates of supervised deliveries to 77% and of post-partum follow up to 91% of births compared to a baseline estimate of 48% supervised deliveries and 36.2% follow up care prior to the project. Funding through Saving Lives at Birth will be used to scale this project to all of rural Zanzibar and expand in other parts of Tanzania.

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