Jhpiego Corporation
Organization Location: 
Baltimore, MD, USA

Jhpiego and its partners (Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design and Laerdal Global Health) propose to rapidly develop and conduct initial field-testing for an “E-Partogram,” an affordable, easy-to-use, handheld electronic decision-making tool for preventing or managing complications during labor. The E-partogram could positively transform safe childbirth by enabling front-line providers to more rapidly assess and respond to labor complications and receive crucial guidance to save the lives of women and newborns. Vigilant labor monitoring with the partogram (currently paper) has proven to be an inexpensive and pragmatic way to reduce both maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity; it also can promote logical human resource allocation, facilitate clinical supervision and support record-keeping. Despite these benefits, use of the paper partogram in developing countries is neither widespread nor uniform, because it is static, time consuming and difficult for frontline providers to manage in busy settings. The E-Partogram offers key solutions to these challenges. It is an easy, affordable tool to record clinical observations, predict complications and obtain problem-solving support, including from distant senior-level clinicians. The E-Partogram therefore empowers health systems to bring quality services closer to women and their families – a crucial best practice. Using the seed funding of this grant, Jhpiego and its partners will continue its iterative design process and field validation for the E-Partogram as an integrated innovation for saving lives at birth.

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