Access Project: Community Use of Mobile Phones and Peer Microfinance Groups

University Research Co., LLC
Organization Location: 
Bethesda, MD USA

URC and major providers of mobile phone services (TIGO, AIRTEL and VODACOM) will initiate a program whereby community volunteers will be provided with mobile phones and monthly credit of 20,000-TSH (15 USD) to enable subsidized text messages to Health facilities for anticipated difficult deliveries. All pregnant women at the time of their booking will be invited to be members of appropriate peer microfinance group by facility staff. HIV positive pregnant women will be linked to PLHIV groups for peer support during pregnancy. Assisted transport, not exceeding 6,000/-TSH (4 USD) will be provided to those who cannot afford it. A motivation package of khanga, bed nets, bucket and soap will be given to women who deliver at the facility level. All newborns, whether at the community or at TBA, will be linked to health facilities immediately for further vaccination and PMTCT services if applicable. Market day health education by the community volunteers will promote male involvement and enhance facility delivery. Initial 5-day training with 5 selected volunteers at the ward level and identified TBA on safe-delivery practices and brief assessment of pregnancy for referral. Volunteers and TBAs will be motivated for every at-risk pregnancy they refer to health facility by ward competitions every quarter. List of TBA and their geographical locations will be given to health facility HBC Staff.