Online matching to propagate innovations in maternal and newborn care: Better. Together.

President & Fellows of Harvard College
Organization Location: 
Boston, MA USA

We propose to develop a low-cost scalable mechanism for south-south collaboration among developing country frontline providers, using social networking technology to significantly expand the use of evidence-based practices known to reduce maternal and perinatal deaths. This project capitalizes on the success of the Global Voices for Maternal Health Project that has created, in eight months, a unique network of 2,500 engaged nurses, midwives and doctors working in 900 health facilities located in 99 developing countries, who provide care to over 3,000,000 births a year (see map). In response to requests from these providers, technology will facilitate a connected network, harnessing the collective local experience to close the implementation gap that currently prevents the effective delivery of evidence-based interventions to the women and newborns in greatest need. A virtual social network and online  ‘dating’ scheme will be used in healthcare for the first time to ‘match’ those seeking to develop their services with appropriately experienced frontline ‘advisors’ enabling them to share innovative ideas for overcoming the barriers to delivery of evidence-based practice in resource-constrained settings. An existing resource center and e-learning modules will be incorporated and all applications will be available for android mobile phones to expand access.