Treatment of Maternal Hemorrhage using OxyVita

Organization Location: 
New Windsor, NY USA

OXYVITA Inc. has developed a powder form of its transfusible hemoglobin based oxygen carrier. This product has undergone initial testing in an animal hemorrhage model with success, making the product the first powder form of a red blood cell transfusion alternative in the world. In third world settings where the greatest percentage of maternal hemorrhage death occurs, ease of administration of the product is vital. Currently, our product is designed for use in a hospital setting, however, its real benefit is that it can be used in remote locations, injected on site by a medic or midwife. The product requires no storage infrastructure, eliminates the need for blood typing and does not transfer common blood-borne diseases. Under this grant, OXYVITA will optimize the solubility of the product and evaluate it in a relevant animal model. The current formulation has a requirement for a mechanical shaker. The goal is to have “instant” solubility by simply mixing the powder with an injectable IV fluid in OXYVITA’s custom two compartment package. The package has a membrane that separates the powder from the fluid, which when broken, will yield a “ready to go”, administration friendly, red blood cell transfusion alternative. Once satisfactory solubility is attained, OXYVITA will test this formulation in small and large animal models. The ultimate goal is to proceed with testing of safety and efficacy in animals, prior to Phase I human trials.