PPH prevention program in Western Nepal

One Heart World-Wide
Organization Location: 
San Francisco, CA USA

Based on ten years of operation in Tibet, One Heart Worldwide (OHW) has developed Network of Safety an effective, replicable and sustainable training and outreach model to prevent maternal and newborn death associated with pregnancy and delivery among remote rural populations. The Network of Safety is a culturally adaptable program that teaches basic life-saving skills to all the community members and health care providers surrounding a new mother and her infant. In 2008, the program reached a sustainable level and was successfully transferred to local partners. Since then, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health in Nepal, OHW pilot-tested the Network of Safety in Baglung district with initial positive results. In order to address post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) the leading cause of maternal death in rural Nepal, OHW, in partnership with Medic Mobile and Massachusetts General Hospital, is proposing to supplement the Network of Safety using low-cost, innovative technologies. The first strategy utilizes innovative yet easily accessible mobile technology. Taking advantage of the extensive mobile network in Nepal, OHW will implement an innovative SIM card application for mobile phones that enables communication between rural village health workers and the skilled birth attendants at district health posts. The second strategy is the implementation of an innovative low-cost tamponade device to control PPH. Both strategies are designed for use in rural, low resource settings and are easily incorporated into the design of the Network of Safety.