Improved Capacity for Maternal and Child Care Delivery through Containerized Medical Clinics in Rural Namibia

Containers 2 Clinics, Inc. (C2C)
Organization Location: 
Dover, MA USA

Containers 2 Clinics (C2C), in partnership with The Synergos Institute and the Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services (NMoHSS) will pilot a regional cluster of three state-of-the-art shipping container healthcare clinics, and provide comprehensive services, including clinical, lab, pharmacy and programming for women and children. The partnership will create access to high-quality primary healthcare and provide the NMoHSS a replicable, scalable solution for building national capacity in maternal and child health.

Maternal and neonatal mortality rates have doubled in Namibia since 2000. The health system is overburdened and expectant mothers and infants do not receive adequate care. Systemic shortfalls are due to lack of access and poor quality of care.

C2C clinics are modular, re-deployable, cost-effective and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the NMoHSS. They are designed for resource-poor settings and are equipped with solar-powered ventilation, versatile power hook-up and water filtration. For expanding capacity, C2C clinics are an attractive alternative to the capital and time-intensive nature of construction and offer superior durability, security, privacy and sterility to tent clinics. Clustered clinics are scalable as production expenses decline and direct costs are amortized over a greater number of clinics. Responding to the specific needs identified in collaboration with our local partners, such as training for the Namibian clinicians who staff our clinics, C2C is better positioned to provide sustainable solutions. C2C will provide annual personnel and programming support to ensure that pregnant women, infants and young children in Namibia receive the critical care they need.