Bolivia Delivers: Labor & Delivery in a Box

Idaho State University
Organization Location: 
Pocatello, ID USA

Medical doctors and registered nurses who work with birthing mothers in rural, developing countries have had their hands tied for too long; they need better monitoring equipment and the education to use that equipment to generate data that will allow them to more effectively treat expectant mothers. The Bolivia Delivers project proposes to develop a low cost, portable maternal and fetal monitoring system that will allow rural practitioners to make decisions based on trends that occur over time in their patients’ physiological data. With accurate monitoring, practitioners will be able to more effectively deliver treatments for pre-eclampsia, sepsis and post-partum hemorrhages. The Bolivia Delivers project will generate necessary data and make a prototype of this monitor—we call it, “Labor & Delivery in a Box”.

The Bolivia Delivers project will educate healthcare professionals to use current monitoring systems and other components of technology packages that are integral to up-to-date international obstetrical treatment protocols. Birth practitioners will receive necessary monitoring equipment and the training to use it for expectant mothers in two demonstration hospitals in rural Bolivia. After using the technology package for 6 months, practitioner and patient attitudes and knowledge towards the monitoring systems will be assessed as an important part of the Bolivia Delivers outcomes. Outcomes will be critically evaluated and the results used to assist instrumentation developers of the “Labor & Delivery in a Box” product—a self-contained maternal and fetal monitoring system that is easy to use, lightweight, rugged, affordable and battery/solar power driven.