Mobilizing Maternal Health In Rural Kenya With E-Vouchers And Information Technology

Changamka Microhealth Ltd
Organization Location: 
Nairobi, Kenya

We aim to double rates of skilled assistance at birth and dramatically improve maternal and child health outcomes in rural areas of Kenya’s Western Province by using an integrated solution that empowers poor women to overcome financial and informational barriers to life-saving health services.   We will administer a system of subsidized pre-paid e-vouchers and transportation subsidies delivered via mobile phone, as well as informational interventions, including SMS messaging, participatory networks, and radio. Our proposal addresses financial constraints by subsidizing the cost of health services, financing the costs of transportation, and providing incentives for women to save money for when they most need it.  Our SMS and radio interventions will inform women of the benefits of seeking maternal health services; our Dial a Doctor product will allow women to reach out to providers for advice; and our innovative crowd-sourcing application will allow women to post and get information on the availability and quality of health services in their local area, all with low-tech mobile phones.  The proposal addresses demand and service delivery issues using innovative technologies. Our organization, Changamka, is an experienced and acclaimed provider of health savings services in Kenya. Our research partners, based at Georgetown and New York Universities, have developed a rigorous evaluation framework, which incorporates randomized evaluation techniques, to demonstrate the effectiveness, scalability, and sustainability of this innovative proposal.

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