Improving utilization of antenatal care and access to skilled delivery services through phones and health kiosks

Afya Research Africa
Organization Location: 
Thika, Kenya

Interventions to improve maternal and newborn outcomes in resource limited regions such as Kenya are successful when they aim at improving knowledge on danger signs of pregnancy, advice on when to seek assistance, and increase health facility deliveries. We propose a public-private partnership program to promote quality, timely utilization, and monitoring of focused ante-natal care and skilled delivery services. This will be through a network between health facilities and solar-powered community health kiosks (M-Afya kiosks) connected through mobile phone telephony . The kiosks will enable the monitoring of medical parameters that are important indicators for the progress and complications of pregnancy and delivery and will be supported by a quality control system. Through mobile phone short messaging system, we propose a feedback system and an educational and information advocacy service. This program will incorporate a money saving scheme for pregnant mothers, savings that will earn an interest as an incentive for attending all antenatal care sessions and for deliveries done in a health care facility. This special money saving scheme for expectant mothers will form the basis of a business model that will help sustain the initiative beyond the initial funding. The successful implementation of this program is anchored on the improved mobile phone access by the Kenyan population and on Kenya's vision 2030 health development strategy to which this programme is aligned. This program will first be initiated in the rural area of Thika district, an administrative region in Kenya, for an initial period of 2 years.