DigiHealth - Haiti Maternal Health Network

Univicity, L3C
Organization Location: 
Yorba Linda, CA USA

While over 80% of Haitian adults have access to mobile phones, less than 20% of Haitian woman have access to health care. Our goal is to substantially increase health care access by creating a maternal healthcare network. The DigiHealth network combines a support/call center, healthcare software and mobile computing with the brand, scale, and infrastructure of Digicel, Haiti’s largest mobile carrier.

Here’s how it works: An expectant or new mom hears about the network, and can join via text or phone call. A call center staff (CCS) (trained local health worker) responds to the call/text and searches for the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), creating a new one if needed. The CCS asks relevant questions (as dictated by a professionally-vetted algorithm) and provides basic maternal health information. As needed, the patient is routed to the appropriate participating healthcare professional or midwife, who uses the HealthPro smart phone app to capture relevant information in the EHR, heeding appropriate patient confidentiality and safety guidelines. Treatment plan reminders are then sent to patients via SMS, rewarding adherence with incentives such as free airtime. As necessary, patients are directed to the nearest healthcare professional for in-person follow-up treatment.

Healthcare professionals not only build knowledge and confidence in maternal health through DigiHealth, but are immediately compensated through Digicel’s mobile money platform. The system provides referrals for healthcare professionals and an electronic infrastructure which increases efficiency, health quality, and sustainability, eventually reducing Haitian “brain drain” as local health practices are developed and supported.