The WHO Mother Baby mCheck Tool project in India

World Health Organization PSP/CPO
Organization Location: 
Geneva, Switzerland

 Almost two-thirds of neonatal deaths, and a high proportion of maternal deaths, occur within the first 7 days after delivery. It is often assumed that patients can recognize severe complications, when to seek care, and feel empowered to do so. Very often; however, this is not the case. During this high-risk period immediately after birth, mothers are often at home with no monitoring from skilled providers. Mothers can be unsure of whether certain symptoms are normal and, more importantly, often are not empowered to seek care even when experiencing a severe complication. Here, we propose to develop a mobile phone-based solution combining a patient oriented checklist, text messages and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System to empower women and their families to identify and seek care for 12 crucial danger sign that cause significant morbidity and mortality in mothers and their newborns during the high-risk period of the first 7 days after delivery. This mobile phone based tool, the Mother Baby 7 day mCheck, will complement a patient-oriented paper checklist already developed by WHO and partners. We are requesting seed funding to develop the mobile phone based or mHealth technology that complements the paper version of this tool and to evaluate its usability in the Mysore District of Karnataka State, India. If successful this mobile phone based tool could be adapted and scaled up around the globe with a measurable impact on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in the first week of life.