Regional Scale-up of Helping Babies Breathe in sub-Saharan Africa

American Academy of Pediatrics
Organization Location: 
Elk Grove Village, IL USA

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Save the Children/Saving Newborn Lives, as partners in the Helping Babies Breathe® Global Development Alliance (GDA), will form a regional alliance with three countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda). We will collaborate regionally with Ministries of Health (MOHs), NGOs, regional entities, and private businesses to address key barriers to implementation of neonatal resuscitation education by building capacity for training, introducing a knowledge exchange through Community of Practice communication across countries, developing cell phone-based systems for data collection and monitoring, and integrating these measures into national health systems. Each country’s MOH is committed to neonatal resuscitation. Each of the three countries has unique strengths and challenges, but they share a common goal – to significantly reduce under-5 mortality as cited in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4.

This project will test the ability to rapidly scale up Helping Babies Breathe (HBB), which impacts the three major causes of neonatal death – intrapartum-related events (“asphyxia”), serious infections, and complications of preterm birth. HBB is a novel, technology- based intervention which uses peer-based zero-literacy paired training. The project will use a pioneering approach; convene stakeholders using effective processes; and use South-South exchanges  to share learnings to catalyze change across countries using evidence-based interventions.