Applying Low Cost Health and Information Technologies at the Community and Clinic Level in Rural India

Healthpoint Services
Organization Location: 
Secunderabad, India

Healthpoint Services India Pvt. Ltd (“eHealthPoint”) proposes to deploy maternal/child health services that leverage its existing innovative rural healthcare delivery model while adding cutting-edge mHealth tools to reach out to surrounding communities. The existing model now serves 120,000 people and includes 1) a rapidly-expanding rural clinic network providing both safe drinking water and walk-in primary care on a “for pay” basis that has already achieved operating profitability; 2) village health workers employed by eHealthPoint that have a demonstrated ability to generate demand (> 50% of village households are customers within 3 months); and 3) world class eHealth tools including electronic medical records that span the continuum of care. The project will integrate these existing capabilities with outreach into the surrounding communities, supported by cutting-edge mHealth solutions including smart-phone tools for a) information gathering; b) capturing data from mobile diagnostics that is automatically transmitted to electronic medical records; and c) assisting village health workers in patient education/demand creation. The services to be piloted include 1) a fixed-price antenatal package of checkups, diagnostic tests, and supplements provided at the eHealthPoint clinic, educational information transmitted to the home by regular village health worker visits to improve early detection/treatment of major causes of maternal morbidity/mortality, referrals to approved birthing facilities, plus checklists and close coordination with local midwives for at-home births to provide emergency transport, if needed; and 2) a post-natal package that provides all 1st-year checkups, vaccinations, and supplements, as well as checklists and educational information. These services will implement PMNCH/WHO MNCH guidelines.

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